Upright! Mindset (formerly BodyArc®) posture training

Upright! Mindset is a unique, innovative concept to achieve a better body awareness by consciously focusing on your own movement patterns.

It was developed by the architect Carolyne Ergin in collaboration with orthopaedists and biomechanics. By analysing your body statics, the individual, optimal instructions for use for your own body are clearly communicated in the form of tools suitable for everyday use.

The more you get in contact with your body through Upright! Mindset, the better newly learned movement patterns will naturally flow into your everyday life. Upright! Mindset installs a background program into your subconscious, which activates more and more your individual movement patterns. It is a kind of 24h workout done everywhere and always.

You will find your optimal posture. You feel younger and more powerful.
You leave typical complaints of the musculoskeletal system behind.
Upright! Mindset is especially efficient in combination with Pilates, because it is an optimal preparation.

Carolyne talks about the Upright! Mindset posture school

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