Posture school and Pilates – the Senso philosophy

Classical Pilates and the modern posture school are both self-sufficient body cultivations.
However, when merged into one unit, they form a unique concept: The Posture School focuses on the mindfulness of your optimal movement patterns. Pilates is the proven method to apply what you have learned more consciously and efficiently for your body well-being.

The name Senso comes from Italian and means sense, feeling. This is what we would like to strengthen for your body together with you. The logo represents the middle initial point, which spreads out from there in a circle. In this way, the newly conveyed message should also trigger a pleasant wave of well-being in you.

Our premises are located in a listed building from 1916 called “Glückshof”. On the first floor on 140 m² we are looking forward to your visit.
A warm welcome!

Welcome to Senso Pilates

Tour of the Senso Studio