Dr. Ingrid Petrasch

Ingrid has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and was active in competitive sports for many years.
She has been teaching at Senso Pilates Studio since the studio opened in 2009.
Her training focuses on group training, 60+, sensitive individuals and men.
She is a TPC Master Trainer at Amy Alpers’ Pilates Center in Boulder Colorado.

Ingrid discovered the Pilates method in 2002 at an aerobics convention both as an ideal complement to her own competitive sports training and as a particularly effective training method for her clients.

She then completed the entire Peak Pilates system training with Rodrigo Galliano and Eduardo Laranjeira at the Pilates Center Berlin and deepened this with a Master Trainer training with Amy and Rachel Alpers at the Pilates Center in Boulder (Colorado, USA).

She continuously keeps her knowledge up to date through further training, e.g. with Bob Liekens, Michael Fritzke, Ton Voogt and Peter Fiasca. She teaches a variety of course formats in numerous fitness studios in southern Germany and in Berlin, ranging from aerobics and street dance to spinal gymnastics and barbell training. Since 2008, her focus has been on classical Pilates training for both groups and personal training.

Ingrid also teaches English, Italian and French.