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Posture for health and success

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The Power of Standing UpRight!

Have you ever thought about how your posture looks like? Have you ever noticed the difference if you are all dressed up or you just came out of the bed and your posture is still sleepy? Do you know that the posture is as well something which is linked to your mindset and to your health?

I have been interested in good body posture since I was round about 6 years old. I was raised by my mum eating with a book on the head and two books under my arms. But she did not force me into it, I wanted it! I always was impressed by the queens and kings who just ruled the world and I thought that the good posture will make me a princess as well. And I think that in a way I was right. I was right just like a child can be.

My journey went on as I was observing people how do they move, especially when I was an architect. During these years my eye got so sharp and I was able to see if the things are in the plum line or not. And now I use this skill for posture and I love to see how easy it can be. So I decided to simply explain it in this blog.

Imagine you are walking but instead of looking down to the floor you are looking UpRight! You would have a completely different point of view. It brings totally different mindset as well your energy in flowing in a different way!

Simple tricks for fix

So what is happening? Your head is around 5-7 kilos heavy. If you just bring it to the right position, over your hip, it is properly connected to your spine and the spine is properly connected with your organs and your pelvis. Pelvis is your centre so you are centring the middle of your body with your spine and this represents your mid line. You can do it very easy. Just take your flat palm on your sternum, that’s where your collar bones meet with breast bones and just make a line down to your pubic bone. This is one bony landmark for your upright position. From the side your ear lobe, shoulder, the hip bone, your knee and your ankle has to be stacked in one line.

Try to make this every day and imagine that you are growing and getting longer out of your waist line. This way you’re giving your inner organs plenty of space, which enables them to function well and communicate with each other. Now your energy is flowing freely supplying your whole body for the activities you really want to do instead of being wasted for a bad posture which usually takes up to 40%.

So be UpRight! and imagine that you are like inverted exclamation mark ¡ Be your own exclamation mark and live your life in flow. UPRIGHT¡¡¡!!!