Classical Pilates

Contrology – this is what Joseph Hubertus Pilates, who came to New York in 1926, called his sophisticated classical Pilates system.

What does this mean in detail? Classic Pilates is characterized by “corrective exercises.” You will receive tactile as well as verbal feedback, due to the equipment and the teacher, so that you immediately move in your correct biomechanics and do not train further in imbalances. In classical Pilates and in the BodyArc® posture school, your neural system will dock with your individual biomechanics again correctly with the correctly executed movement through repetition.

Our Offer

Single and duo lessons

on Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, Cadillac, mat, tower, chair and small devices. from 84,00 € (Solo) – 65,00 € (Duo) p. h.

Group lessons

either as a classic pure mat training, as mat training with additional use of the tower or as a studio class corresponding to the single and duo session. The number of participants is limited to three in the basic level, and increases to six in the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. from 17,00 € (Mat) – 28,00 € (Tower) – 39,00 € Studio p. h.

Newcomer mat training (max. 6 participants)

The mat training is the prelude to getting to know Pilates. A better own body perception, the correct centering, the feeling for when the spine is in the correct position, where the powerhouse is and how to perform the movements correctly are among the core topics of the training for Pilates beginners.

The Senso trained trainers correct every single movement. More and more, the right movement flows into everyday life. Even experienced Pilates enthusiasts use this course as a refresher. However, the individual training sessions are most effective for this, as the focus is 100% on you. from 15,00 € (introductory offer) p. h.

Classic pure mat training (max. 8 participants)

45 minutes of mat training means to practice the pure classical Pilates sequence according to Joseph H. Pilates in order to integrate it into your own natural movement pattern. The routine sequence of the mat exercises allows even better concentration on one’s own body and a stronger attention to the positive correct changes in the body.

Mat with elements from the Tower
and/or other small devices (max. 6 participants)

Training on a mat with tower. The training takes place on a 10 cm thick mat, which is equipped with foot straps for better stretching as well as handles to open the shoulder. On the tower, you work on spring resistors to strengthen arm and leg strength.

Tower (max. 6 participants)

In addition to the mat, the tower or half of the Cadillac, one of more than 20 devices developed by Joseph H. Pilates, is mainly used here. When training against spring resistance, strength, stretching, stability and endurance are achieved. The spring resistance provides the body with information about whether the muscles are being used evenly – which you feel immediately and pleasantly, as you are accompanied in your correct sequence of movements.


Studio Class Newcomer (max. 3 participants)

The best overview of the Pilates System is given in the Studio Class. The individual devices and their effects are introduced and the trainers learn the sequence of the Pilates System.

Studio Class Beginner (max. 3 participants)

Building movement, endurance, strength and self-confidence are the core elements of the original Pilates system. Studio Class practitioners are introduced to it and build up their routine hour after hour to focus more on their body and its correct alignment. Prerequisites are 10 Studio Class newcomers or 3 individual classes and 3 group classes. The aim is to build up more and more independence in the procedures, with the support of teachers.

Studio Class Intermediate – Advanced (max. 6 participants)

This is the class of the experts. The order of the exercises is known, the trainees are familiar with the equipment settings and react correctly to the instructions of the teacher. The special thing about the Studio Classes is that each student – depending on his or her body condition – receives an individual exercise sequence that is completely tailored to his or her needs. It is even possible that everyone in this Studio Classes trains on a different machine.

BodyArc® – Posture School

You will receive a very individual “instruction manual of your body”, tailored to your individual needs, to release energy resources that would otherwise be used up by poor posture. Energy gain for the essential things in your life is released and thus the quality of life is increased.

All movement patterns that lead to immobility or even pain are explained to you by means of biomechanical processes. During the individual lesson we pay special attention to your posture patterns.

The one-to-one training is the queen of the sessions, as you are the sole focus with your needs. However, the duo or trio also has valuable benefits, as the concerns of your “fellow posture students” will shed light on topics that may be equally relevant to you.

Depending on your needs, we use different posture-improving training equipment to support you on the way to your new posture efficiently and perhaps with unexpected effects. from 130,00 € (single lesson) – one-time introductory offer: 95,00 € per hour

The Magic Circle – Exclusive Membership

In the Senso Magic Circle you train in all groups with a one-year membership (49,00 € per month) in combination with the purchase of a 10er card for only 15,00 € per hour! Learn more

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Senso on the Go

The perfect template for your training at home or wherever you are. Your individual training with you and your trainer will be recorded on film. We will send you a link where you can watch or download your video for 30 days – alternatively, we can transfer your personal video to a USB stick (for an additional charge or you can bring your own USB stick)
Or you can simply record your lesson for your personal use directly on your device.

Senso “Pilates on the Go” is another reason to create opportunities that you do not discuss with yourself, but you belong to the sensonauts who manage to press the ultimate “Go-Button” at least 3-4 times a week.