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The Antenna between heaven and earth!

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How to keep your self-consciousness even in hard and challenging times? We have an answer!

Today people are facing many challenges that can cloud their perception- whether through pollution, radiation, nutrition or politics. Even external forces such as the media and unhealthy relationships at work or home can be reflected in your posture. So the main question is:

How to take care of YOUR posture?

Your posture is your business card and shows immediately how much you care about yourself. So if you WANT to care about your posture, here are some tips on how to maintain your physical and mental health since mind and body are partners in good health.

Once a friend said: “You should think with your body and feel with your mind.” I think this makes a lot of sense since very often our mind takes over and we tend to overthink instead of listening to our “guts”. How often are negative thoughts overwhelming your brain? You don’t feel good enough and jealousy or competitiveness are taking over and drowning your mood completely.

For those situations I have one very simple hack. When your mind becomes filled with negative thoughts SWITCH! and think of 5 positive attributes of your beautiful being. This will help your brain to function properly. The neural connections will be trained in healthy way and the whole muscular chain will feel a big release. As soon as you learn to release the tension in your body, the negativity will have less power over you. This is the beginning of a new healthy pattern for your body and mind.

How to stay uplifted in mind and body?

Try to remember when you were a little child and somebody was yelling at you. You did not feel good, your head sank, your shoulders slumped and your strength and confidence faded away. This mind set immediately affected your consciousness, because the power from the outside took over.

Now, that you are an adult you don’t have to give your power away. Instead of reacting, try to first reflect. We need to be very careful what we allow to enter our sphere and how we respond to it. If you respond to negativity with negativity, it will remain in your cells as a conscious or subconscious memory. How to make it work? How to stay uplifted in mind and body? Just imagine that you are functioning like an antenna between heaven and earth and you can choose what you attract into your life. You decide if it will be positive or negative.

We have the power to navigate with intention towards people and thigs which radiate positivity. Forging a positive outlook and finding 5 positive things will help your body not only spiritually but as well physically, since mind and body are connected. In addition to this positive thinking, putting your body into a beautiful UpRight! posture will encourage your spirit to follow and flourish. New positive posture patterns will enter your life bringing with it positive mental “side effects”.

How to set up your physical body properly?

Well, there are some easy first steps. Always search for alignment! Put your ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and earlobe in one line into so called “plumb line”. As soon as you are stacked in your plumb line the energy is flowing and your inner organs are being nourished.

How to keep these ideas in your daily life?

f you need someone to remind you daily, just look around! Trees, fences and houses can be your reminder since they are all standing tall and UpRight! They are your friends and happy to serve your purpose. Because… we are here to serve each other.

So don’t take yourself so seriously and be easy. If we would live in a perfect world we wouldn’t be here. Love the life you live, live the life you love!

Have the best day ever and… be UpRight!