Morning routine according to Anthony William

I’ve had a new set morning routine for over a year now.I drink lemon water, freshly squeezed celery juice andSmoothies as recommended by Anthony William.The resulting experience is that I have been able to manage my chronicsinusitis and have not … Read More

Carrie Russo at Senso Studio

Carrie Russo offers on Sept. 25. and 26.09.2020 offers two exceptional workshops at Senso Studio and is also available for exclusive groups and private! Specifically, the workshops are as follows: 25.09.2020, 13:00 – 15:00 “What is the Goal?” Knowing the … Read More

Sonje Mayo in Berlin – Herniated Discs

Postponed is not canceled! Finally the long awaited workshop of Sonye Majo takes place! Learn all about the benefits of Pilates for herniated discs in one hour, then try the exercises for yourself in a virtual Pilates class afterwards! Not … Read More